About Us

Background & Purpose

Feathertop Chalet is a not for profit organisation owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst. Feathertop Chalet was purchased in 1990 for the promotion and delivery of programs and activities for the benefit of the community. Feathertop Chalet has a focus on:

  • Assisting disadvantaged families and individuals
  •  Providing young adult volunteers with opportunities to develop leadership skills and awareness of the needs of disadvantaged members of the community
  •  As a venue for school camps for primary & secondary students; and
  • A venue for people with special needs

Why stay with us?

  •  A unique property at the base of Mt Hotham, offering beautiful scenery and a range of activities.
  •  A popular location for families with young children. Kids play, parents relax - everyone is happy.
  •  From small to large extended families, the Chalet is the perfect location for reunions and escapes.
  •  At the base of Hotham, Feathertop is an ideal base and more economical option to access the slopes.
  •  Escape the mundane. Try walking Mt Feathertop or the Razorback.  Cycle Hotham or enjoy the surrounds of the Alpine National Parks.
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