Risk Management Statement
Feathertop Chalet, Harrietville is committed to quality improvement and risk management in all aspects of camp and accommodation services from providing a safe environment to implementing controls on adventure based activities to minimize risk.

Our goal is to:

  • Ensure that potential and actual risks are identified and managed within the workplace and during internal or external activities.
  • Ensure all activities meet the Adventure Activity Standards where a relevant standard exists.
  • Ensure that reasonable measures are taken to manage and prevent personal, professional risks whilst undertaking a night’s stay, programs, and/or work related functions.
  • Create and maintain a safe environment that facilitates the educational, social and developmental goals of our client groups and stakeholders

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Bush Cooking

Go back to the days of old bushmen and cook on the open fire. What will you put on your damper?

Bush Hut Building

Work as a team to build a shelter to protect your group from the often quickly changing Alpine environment.

Giant Foosball

Have you ever played table soccer well this is the same, just a little bigger and a lot more fun.

Giant Swing

Haul your team mates up to the sky before counting them down for their Giant Swing. When it is your turn, to fly, challenge yourself to go as high as you can.

Goanna Tree Climb

Courageously climb like a Goanna up the trunk of the tall trees. When you make it to the top enjoy the views of Harrietville and the campsite. Encourage your friends as they take on this personal challenge.

Gold Panning

Go back in history at the museum and search for gold in the rivers. See if you can strike rich.

Harrietville Quiz

What would Joop have loved? You will have to come to Harrietville to find out!

High Ropes Team Trial​

Work with your groundcrew to negotiate a series of obstacles and challenges. You will need teamwork and communication to make it to the end.

Initiatives Activities

Puzzle-solving, decision-making and teamwork are required in order to accomplish a range of fun tasks.


Learn and develop paddling techniques, teamwork and communication skills using a combination of games and instruction.

Leap of Faith

Climb a six metre pole belayed by your team mates before trusting in them to make the dive for the trapeze bar.

Low Ropes

Combine slacklining with a built in obstacle course through the trees, don’t worry if you wobble, your spotters will be looking out for you.

Mini Golf

A challenging putt putt course which reflects our Alpine environment complete with mountain peaks.

Mountain Biking

Practice the basics before heading off-road on a tour of the Ovens River and state forests.

Photo Orienteering

Navigate around Feathertop Chalet in small groups and pay attention to the details and you might just be the first to complete your map.

Raft Building

Work as a team, learn knot tying skills and build it well or you’re likely to get wet.

River Tubing

Ride the ripples, build your own rapids and learn about our waterways while cruising down the Ovens river.


Warm up with a few laps in our indoor pool or relax and cool off in the East Ovens River clay hole.

Trout Fishing and More

As well as our on-site facilities and activities we can link your group with a remarkable range of resources, activities, and destinations to entertain and support your groups’ outcomes. Experiences such as abseiling, trout fishing, red deer farm tours, caving, sled dog tours, mountain sky astronomy viewings and more.

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